What is Xuropa?

The most complete and easiest to use cloud marketplace for installed enterprise software.

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Why Xuropa?

Increase revenues, lower costs, and better serve your customers worldwide from the cloud.

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Who Uses Xuropa?

Software vendors and their customers who traditionally install the software locally.

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How is Xuropa Used?

You can sell your software from here, or have a marketplace hosted on your website.

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About Us

We wanted to build a cloud marketplace for enterprise software vendors to deliver their software on the cloud.
To do this we built a cloud platform that combines security, cloud automation, sales automation, and social engagement.

What Experts Say

It is a very powerful, and empowering next step for the audience – to be able to get their hands on what they just heard about in PowerPoint.
Susan Peterson, Cadence Design Systems

This is the perfect sales tool.  It’s exactly what we’ve been looking for.

VP Marketing, Magma Design Automation
Someone who has taken themselves through an online demo is worth at least 5x a traditional lead.
Sales Manager, Enterprise Software

Gone are the days when we can afford to put $250,000 worth of talent on a plane for prospecting.  We have to move the entire process online to execute on global sales strategies.

Doug Lyons, Enterprise Software Executive Sales Strategist

We cut 90% of the cost out of delivering demos worldwide using Xuropa!

We shrunk our average sales cycle by 30% using Xuropa.

Finally we have complete visibility into how and when our customers evaluate our software.  Now we know who to focus on and how to close the sale.