A robust university program is strategically important to the long-term business goals of your company. Universities provide future employees, future customers, and valuable academic research and collaboration partners. However, university programs are underserved due to competing budget and technical resource demands from customers, support, and research and development.


  • Eliminate Support Costs
  • Increase Program Effectiveness
  • Increase Student Engagement
  • Eliminate Piracy

Using the Xuropa University Program Cloud, you can receive all of the benefits of a vibrant University Program without compromising customer support, diverting IT or R&D resources, or worrying about software license monitoring and management.

Eliminate Resource Costs

The greatest cost of a university program is the drain on technical support and IT personnel. Technical experts within your organization are too few and in high-demand to support customers, and often do not have the time to support a university program. Use the Xuropa University Program Cloud to provide students with self-contained and self-managed cloud environments to learn about your software and use it for their studies and experiments.

  • Eliminate technical support overhead
  • Eliminate IT support overhead
  • Eliminate license management overhead

Increase University Program Effectiveness

It is hard to measure the effectiveness of a university program, and therefore hard to justify its support within the organization. Once licenses are provided and software installed at a university, you do not know who is using your software, how often it is used, and what it is used for. Use the Xuropa University Program Cloud to bring transparency and accountability to your program.

  • Measure and monitor license usage
  • Increase program accountability
  • Have direct visibility into student’s work and results

Increase Student Engagement

The key long term measure of a University Program is the degree to which the student uses your software and has a good experience. Too frequently, students struggle with IT problems, installation debug, and hardware availability. By using the Xuropa Platform, all of these issues and more are removed, enabling students to get back to work and to focus on what is important – using your software.

  • Economically provide compute resources that meet the demands of your software
  • Remove geographic limitations
  • Eliminate IT and installation issues for the student

Eliminate Piracy

While licensing strategies and technologies provide for a great deal of protection against piracy, delivering your software via the cloud can eliminate the concern completely. The Xuropa Platform can provide your students your software in an environment that is completely sealed, with no way to download anything from your cloud installation.

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