Use the Xuropa Platform to economically deliver software training worldwide from the cloud on demand, 24/7.

  • Train your support personnel on the cloud
  • Train your customers on the cloud
  • Train your partners on the cloud

In a classroom setting, or remotely from your customer’s desks, your students now have the freedom and flexibility to learn about your software hands-on with no downloads, installation or configuration.

Leverage and Scale Your Technical Experts

The technical experts within your organization are too few and in high-demand. Often multi-tasking between pre-sales support, post-sales support, new product definition, and training you need these valuable resources to be as productive as possible. Use the Xuropa Platform to deliver training remotely from the cloud on-demand and in a self-serve fashion.

  • Eliminate travel time
  • Train more customers faster
  • Eliminate costly trade-offs in customer service

Reduce Costs for You and Your Customer

The shift towards a globalized workforce has made the traditional method of providing training impractical. Shipping equipment is too expensive, reseting environments and installs takes valuable time and IT resources, and asking your customers to come to your training facility is no longer practical. Using the Xuropa Training Cloud you eliminate all of these costs and inconveniences.

  • Eliminate travel costs
  • Eliminate equipment shipping costs
  • Environment reset and reprovisioning is completely automated

Increase Customer Service

No longer is the level of service you provide your customers limited by geography, time zones, or equipment and personnel availability. Your customers expect to receive training on-demand, at their location, in their time zone and at their desk. The Xuropa Training Cloud meets all of these demands while reducing your cost of training considerably.

  • Training is on-demand
  • Train a single student or a 1,000 from the same intuitive user interface
  • Students only need a browser

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