SaaS Deployment

The Xuropa Platform is complete and ready to support the deployment of your software as a service on the cloud. With cloud resource, software, and license usage monitored and integrated with automated billing solutions, you can deploy your existing software and generate revenues under custom business models. Use the cloud as an additional revenue stream generator and an economical means to penetrate new market segments or remote geographies. Read more.

Marketplace Platform

The Xuropa Marketplace delivers from your own website the complete sales process. On your website, your customers try your software on the cloud and then use it on the cloud with billing and metering built in. Traditional sales models are also supported. Once your customers have tried your software on the cloud, sales can follow up with a direct sales model, or the customer can pay for the software and download it right from the marketplace. All from your website, safe and secure. The Xuropa Marketplace provides your sales force a powerful new channel and your business an additional low-cost revenue stream. Read more.

Hands-on Trials on the Cloud

The Xuropa Platform streams your software to your customers for hands-on use with no downloads and no installations. This secure and immediate way of getting your software to your customers reduces your cost of sales and shortens your sales cycles. The Xuropa Platform also enables you to securely engage with customers in remote geographies. Read more

Plans & Pricing

Training Platform on the Cloud

Use the Xuropa Platform to economically deliver training worldwide. The Xuropa Platform is used by software vendors to train their support personnel, customers, and partners. Available on-demand with just a browser from anywhere in the world, you keep your users up to date on the latest versions, new features, or advanced techniques of using your software.

University Program on the Cloud

University programs are a key strategy to prepare students to become future employees or future customers. The challenge to every software vendor is to support universities on a limited budget without removing resources from supporting customers. The Xuropa University Program Cloud solves these problems with a scalable, secure, and easy-to-use environment that delivers your software to students at very low cost.

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Public Cloud

Use the Xuropa Platform to deploy your software on the public cloud in minutes. Secured by access control and data transfer encryption, your software and your customer’s data is safe on the public cloud with Xuropa. Contact us for more information.

Private or Hybrid Cloud

The Xuropa Platform is flexible across any public or private cloud, delivering your software on the cloud resources of your choice while maintaining a seamless and consistent end-user experience to your customers and your sales and marketing team. Contact us for more information.