Xuropa is a Platform as a service (PaaS) for deploying your installed enterprise software on the cloud for production use as a service (SaaS). By using the Xuropa Platform, enterprise software vendors gain the benefits from the cloud without the costs and time of developing a cloud platform themselves. The Xuropa Platform:
  • Supports traditional or subscription-based business models
  • Delivers installed software as a service from the cloud without any IT investment
  • Reduces the cost of sales and the technical support burden
  • Eliminates the risk of piracy
  • Addresses market demands in new market segments and remote geographies
Using the Xuropa Platform, you can now deliver your installed software as a service (SaaS) from the cloud without changing a line of code or building and managing any cloud infrastructure - the Xuropa Platform automates and manages everything for you.

Flexible Business Model Support

In working with a number of software vendors, we have learned that it is important to be able to support a variety of business models to meet market demands and to complement existing businesses and customers. The Xuropa Platform has that flexibility built-in. Every aspect of the user-experience is monitored and metered to provide the necessary data to support your billing and invoicing strategy.
  • Time-based License Support
  • Subscription-based Support
  • Output-based or other Innovative Business Model Support
  • Billing and invoicing built-in

Automatic Cloud Provisioning and Secure User On-boarding

The Xuropa Platform automates your cloud so you can focus on your business and your customers. The Platform manages your servers, storage, networking, firewalls, and security in the cloud. Our easy to use dashboards provide your sales and marketing teams with fine-grained access control to your software on the cloud. The Platform also supports self-service user on-boarding with qualification criteria defined by you.
  • Eliminate IT costs
  • Automatically scale the cloud with your business
  • Closely manage customers and access to your software

Business Analytics and Reporting

The Xuropa Platform tracks and records all of the activity of your customers. Unlike the traditional installed software use model, your sales, marketing, and customer support teams now have complete visibility into who is using your software and when. The Xuropa Intelligent Sales Engine also provides sales insights into accounts so you can more efficiently manage sales and marketing campaigns and support the customers most important to your business.
  • Complete visibility into customer activity and behavior
  • Maximize sales efficiency through customer prioritization
  • Increase customer support productivity across multiple accounts
  • Customer Relationship Managment (CRM) integration

Security is a Priority

Every aspect of the Xuropa Platform and the user experience has security as a founding principle. User identities are verified and access to your software and your cloud is only provided by you and your team. Your software on the cloud is protected by tightly configured and controlled firewalls. All communication between your team, your customers, and the servers on the cloud is encrypted using the highest level of encryption allowed by law. The data that is transferred by your customers to and from the cloud is encrypted using the same technology, the same as that used by financial institutions all over the world.
  • Cloud servers hosting your software protected
  • Communication with the cloud encrypted
  • Data transfers encrypted

Simple Setup

Installing your software on the Xuropa Platform is exactly the same as installing your software on a local desktop computer. After connecting to your cloud server using remote desktop virtualization, you upload and install your software as normal. Click "Save" and the Xuropa Platform takes a snapshot of your server that will then be automatically provisioned and provided to your customers as they sign-in to the platform. The Xuropa Platform is architected to support various licensing models, once installed, the Xuropa Platform supports the license manager of your choice. Every aspect of the management of the cloud is then automated by the Xuropa Platform. Servers are automatically provisioned, storage mounted, firewalls and networks configured.
  • Install your software on the cloud as you would locally
  • Flexible licensing models supported automatically
  • All aspects of the cloud automated by the platform
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