Software vendors use Xuropa to deploy there software on the cloud for customers to use without downloads or installs.  By leveraging the cloud and the Xuropa Marketplace, software vendors increase revenues and eliminate costs, and users save time and money by eliminating software installs and only paying for hardware when they use it!

Cloud Deployment for Software Vendors

Software vendors use Xuropa to install their software on the cloud for their customers to use. For simple demos sales sends out emails with links to their software – no flights out to customers, CDROM shipments or software installation support. The Xuropa Sales Intelligence Engine tracks customer behavior and interprets it for business intelligence and sales automation. Software vendors also use Xuropa to provide metered use of their software. Immediately vendors have a global sales channel that they grow using just a browser.

Software Usage Without Installation

Software users use Xuropa to use software that would otherwise require download and installation on their PC. With Xuropa only a web browser is required. Because the cloud delivers the software experience on optimally configured servers, the user gets a premium experience of the most demanding software without upgrading their own hardware.  Because the software is on the cloud, IT costs are cut dramatically.  When vendors charge for their software using Xuropa, end-users get access to software they previously couldn’t afford.