The Xuropa (“Zoo-row-pa”) Platformis a complete cloud marketplace to deploy existing installed enterprise software applications on the cloud. Within minutes, you can install your existing applications on the cloud ready to be securely accessed and used by your customers and employees. No changes are required of your software, and your customers do not need to download or install anything.

The Xuropa Cloud Marketplace includes everything you need to deploy your software on the cloud for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment, hands-on demonstrations, evaluations, proof-of-concept trials, quality assurance testing, training, and university programs.

Included in the Xuropa Cloud Marketplace are sophisticated security protocols for the cloud and your software; cloud automation; license management; resource monitoring and metering; application streaming; sales and usage analytics; and lead nurturing tools.

Lead Nurturing

Sales Analytics

Cloud Automation

Application Streaming