The proven Xuropa Platform will increase your revenues and lower your cost of operations. The Xuropa Platform enables software vendors to quickly, easily, and securely leverage the benefits of the cloud without disrupting their existing business models, customer engagements, R&D teams, or technical support people.

Benefits – To the Software Vendor

Increase revenues

With your software on the Xuropa Platform, you can now drive sales efforts to penetrate remote regions and market penetration and growth. Your sales cycles will be shorter as all of the hurdles in the sales process are removed. Lastly, when you deploy your software for use on the cloud, you can charge your users for the cloud resources they use and the value you deliver by lowering their overall IT costs.

  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Deliver and charge for cloud resources used by customers
  • Remote region and market segment penetration & growth

Lower costs

By deploying your software on the Xuropa Platform you have no cloud infrastructure to buy, build, and maintain. We take care of all of the user on-boarding, metering and billing, management dashboards, and user interface design and navigation – you don’t need to write a single line of code. You install your software on the Xuropa Platform as-is, you don’t need to change a thing. Once done, you don’t need to touch it again as we automatically serve it out to all of your customers worldwide. Due to the data driven feedback and automation of the platform, the productivity of your sales operations will go through the roof. Sales teams are no longer supporting customer installations and chasing paper work to move the sales process forward.

  • No cloud infrastructure to install or build
  • No web access interfaces to design and develop
  • Eliminate installation support costs
  • Increase sales operations productivity via automation & self-service
  • Install once, deploy infinite times

Eliminate piracy

The Xuropa Platform has been tested and proven by some of the largest software vendors in the industry. The entire application is architected and built from the ground up to ensure seamless end-user experience and inherent security. We’ve invested greatly into secure cloud access protocols and encryption technologies to ensure your software and your customer’s data are as secure as possible.

  • Access security protocols built-in
  • Data transfer encryption built-in

Business Agility

The Xuropa Platform automates the cloud and provides multiple use-models so you can adapt your use of the cloud to your business and your customers. Without writing a single line of code, the Xuropa Platform can be used for every aspect of your business, or just one. You can deliver your software in a targeted fashion or scale cloud deployment to your entire customer-base.

  • Multiple use-models supported through a common interface
  • Scale usage of the cloud through simple user interfaces
  • Perfect visibility enables improved strategy & decision making

Benefits – To the Software User

Save time

Your customers are busy and want to start getting the value of your software immediately. By using the Xuropa Platform, your customers achieve this through the elimination of downloads, installations, and maintenance.

  • No downloads
  • No installations

Lower IT costs

As enterprise software applications increase functionality, the availability of the required hardware can slow or stop the potential of a sale. Using the Xuropa Platform, this IT constraint is removed. Your customers don’t need to buy hardware, setup special environments, or waste time with networking infrastructure. It’s all ready to go and automated in the cloud.

  • No hardware to buy and maintain
  • No environment to setup and maintain
  • No networking to setup and maintain

Increased business agility

Many enterprise software applications are used in a scalable fashion at different times of a project. Sometimes very few licenses are required, and at other times the user needs as many licenses as they can afford. Using the Xuropa Platform, your customers can scale license usage with compute usage in line with their business needs. This responsiveness will not only increase your customer loyalty, but it also opens opportunities of increased revenues through additional license sales.

  • Scale compute and software usage with business demands
  • Worldwide software access independent of location and device

Increased Productivity

Now that the Xuropa Platform is automatically managing all aspects of the cloud infrastructure, the software installation, the environment setup, and license management, your customers are free to focus on using your software and performing their role within their organization.

  • No updates to download and install
  • No hardware or software environments to maintain and debug
  • No licenses to manage

Eliminate Sales Costs

Shorten Sales Cycles

Increase Sales