Cloud Consulting

Since before there was a public cloud, we have worked with some of the leading software vendors in the world, understanding and advising as they migrate their software to the cloud.  We’d like to share that experience with you as you craft your strategy, technology, products, and business models for the cloud era.

Areas of Consultation

  • Migration of installed software to the cloud (Public, Private, or Hybrid)
  • Cloud infrastructure and automation
  • Cloud security
  • Cloud use models
  • Cloud and Software-as-a-Service business models
  • User management, license management, billing, and invoicing
  • Third-party platform integration
  • Product strategy and branding
  • Product roll-out and marketing strategy

Consultation Models

We have worked with software vendors under a number of different models to suit their needs and phase of cloud adoption.

  • Cloud introduction, coaching and mentoring
  • Retained consultation
  • Proof-of-concept projects  from concept, design, and to implementation
  • Cloud migration for Software-as-a-Service business extensions

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