Cloud-based Feature

Sell Your Software via the Cloud

The cloud offers a great opportunity to broaden your market reach, lower the cost of sales, and deliver greater value to your customers.  Xuropa is the ideal partner to assist you to achieve your goals and capitalize on this shift in computing architectures.

Transition In-Step with Business Objectives

Our team has decades of packaged enterprise software sales, marketing, and support experience. We're well qualified to collaborate with you and create a solution that fits your business, market, and customer.

Easy Transition with Xuropa

Leveraging the power of the Xuropa Software Sales Cloud Platform, you can now deploy your software on the cloud and monetize it - no "IT Guy" required. In close collaboration with your team, we build and customize your customer's cloud environment - enabling you to brand the user experience, develop and experiment with business models, and integrate the solution into your existing sales, marketing, and support systems. To the right are two example use-model flows.

Software Virtualization (Model A)

This flow seamlessly takes your customers from your website, through a customized and secure on-boarding process and onto the cloud to use your software in a virtualized environment. Within this environment, your customers have full access to your software and use it as if installed locally. In addition, they have access to a private work area ("Collaboration Zone") where they have access to support collateral, communication tools, and your in-house support infrastructure.  This area can also be used to host a group of users working together in a team. The cloud resources made available to your customers are completely customizable by you.  We can also customize server utilization to meet your customers expected needs and your software's use-model. Built upon the Amazon Web Services cloud, we have the greatest breadth of computing solutions available on the market. If you'd like to use your own data center, or a different cloud provider, no problem - the Xuropa platform is cloud independent.. Once finished using your software, they securely download the results to their local desktop. The whole process is integrated with the Xuropa Business and Cloud Platform.  Additionally, the use-model and business-model can be customized to ensure you meet your business goals.

Feature Execution (Model B)

This model shows how your customers could use just a single function of your software on the cloud. This model presents a much simpler user experience by preventing access to the complete functionality of the software itself. In this way, you can provide your customers with the benefits of the cloud while still easily differentiating the value of your core products. As with example Model A, the flow seamlessly and securely on-boards your customers.  After selecting your product or feature, they upload their data into the cloud.  Your customers have no access to the remote cloud servers or your software. Once the customer's data are uploaded, your software automatically performs the desired function.  The function can be processed on a single server or across a number of servers operating in a networked cluster. After the processing of the data is complete, an email notification is automatically generated for your customers.  Embedded in the email is a link for them to download their resultant data generated by your software. As with Model A, the use-model and business-model can be customized to ensure you meet your business goals and deliver the right value and experience to your customers.