“The ASIC Guy” Joins the Xuropa Team

The past few weeks have been an incredible time for Xuropa on all fronts. But one of the successes I’m very excited about is Harry Gries’ joining the team.

As we’ve been charting a path to enable companies to move to SaaS and Cloud Computing in a way that makes sense to their business and their customers, Harry was the first blogger to truly understand what Xuropa was all about and where we were going.

To be honest, we didn’t give people much of a chance.  Our messaging started out very “stealth-like” as we got started on what we believe will change the industry.  But as Harry was already on the same path, the glimpses of the future we offered resonated and great conversations ensued.

We collaborated closely on the SaaS Roundtable at DVCon (I need to write a post about the difference between our reception at that event and this DAC…who says EDA is slow moving!)  where we actually met for the first time after months of intense and frank emails, tweets, blogs, and Skype calls, (ain’t the web cool!?).

Fast forward about a year, and here we are.  Not only will Harry be helping us engage and discuss Xuropa in the context of real industry trends, but we also need to grow our customer support capabilities.  (What a difference a year, and an industry downturn make!)  As we chart this “Brave New World”, Harry’s vendor/user perspective and EDA expertise will be great assets to us and our customers.

Welcome to the team Harry!

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This post was written by James Colgan on August 17, 2009

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