We're a group of technology veterans that are passionate about the cloud and using it to eliminate the cost of sales and shorten the sales cycle for installed software vendors.
Our mission is to make it possible for every installed software application written to be sold and consumed by anyone with just a web browser, no downloads, and IT-Free.

The Problem

An estimated $10 Billion a year is spent by software vendors in pre-sales demonstrations and technical support. The greatest contributors to this expense are the time and cost of getting the software into the hands of the customer. IT departments prohibit downloads behind the firewall, DVD distribution is cumbersome and costly. Installation of software is unreliable and drains technical support. Worst of all sales has zero visibility into the customers progress, user-experience, and ultimately their propensity to buy.

The Solution

Built upon the Xuropa® Intelligent Sales Engine™ Xuropa solves all of these problems. Using Xuropa, customers have instant access to software on the cloud and sales teams have complete visibility into prospects qualified based upon their use of the software on the cloud. The customer doesn't download anything and can use the cloud-installed software as if it were local. The sales engineer installs their software on the cloud once and then uses the Xuropa Sales Intelligence Engine to reach out, engage, and nurture leads that are automatically qualified and profiled based upon automatically gathered behavioral data.

Our Platform

Xuropa is a unique cloud-based Sales & Marketing Platform for packaged software vendors for the demo and retail of their products via the cloud. Built upon a unique lead nurturing and analytics engine, Xuropa enables software vendors to conveniently deliver their products in the cloud and drive the resultant sales pipeline to increase revenues and profits.

Lead Nurturing

  • Customer engagement built into your software on the cloud.

Real-Time Sales Analytics

  • User behavior driven data collection, analysis, profiling and lead qualification.

Cloud Automation

  • IT-free cloud management, scaling and software installation on the cloud.

Application Streaming

  • Customer use of software on the cloud with no downloads or installations.


Originally from the UK, James Colgan started his career as an embedded software developer for Panasonic in Japan. After six years in Japan defining and launching products (and reaching fluency in Japanese), James headed out to Silicon Valley where he spent the years prior to founding Xuropa in executive leadership roles (product strategy, product management, product marketing, and business development) in high-tech, software and intellectual property companies. Originally from France, JT Graveaud has been developing web platforms and applications since the mid-90’s. Moving to San Francisco in 1998 he has been lead developer and team manager for digital media consulting and viral marketing platform companies. Prior to co-founding Xuropa JT worked for Eastman Kodak as lead developer of a patient records platform.